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Web things from 30 May 2011 to 5 June 2011

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Became slightly cross at Imperial weights and measures. I thought I got over it in february, but this opened old wounds – Imagine managing ASDA’s accounts using pre-decimal cash. It’s more of an ‘up your’s Europe’ thing hidden under a weak customer service excuse.

Unbound, an organisation that I like for the fact that they take out middle-men. This gives writers and readers more say over what gets published. Anyone who stands between two parties in an exchange and takes from both, but gives nothing in return annoy me.

Then a musical interlude wherein I get reminded of a song I liked from a few years ago –

It was nice of Arriva to include the two faces of bus travel: Horror and frustration, in their timetable design –

Dress found by @footstepszine –

A wiki-trail that cannot be repeated led to this page – a film from 1962. Makes me think that even if you watch a film only once, you watch it several times. Once at the time, and then afterwards while you replay and digest what you saw. Funily enough, this tends to happen with still images with me. Can be watched in 3 parts here – that link came from @HannahNicklin

A post by @StyleSalvage – Roll up your trousers and feel the summer breeze. I circled the outfit on the left of the first picture as mine… and then several others.

You know how one thought leads to another, then you make associations in your head? Well first I went to @SciencePunk’s site here – and had a think about what a ludicrous idea this clock is. It had to be made. Then I thought about things being translated from one language to another and back again, followed a trail here-

After that, I remembered a video that exploited compression IMO this really kicks Alvin Lucier’s ass.

Drafted a shirt pattern, realised I was using vectors

Highlight of the week, the cafe @ @LCBDepot gave me a pinwheel! Yahoo!

Reminding me that the piano is my favourite instrument, and that I adore it when people play and experiment, this via @AliceBell

Donald Sutherland in Cloudbusting by Kate Bush, who I shall be styling myself after for a/w 2011. Well, it depends on how fast my hair grows.

Saw this outfit on this weeks Dr Who and was weirdly fascinated by the sleeves. next thing I make will feature bell sleeves for no good reason.

Mr Bloom at riverside festival, soon to be swamped by parents of young children

Finally, this was from pre-this week, but it aught go in anyway –


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