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The college where I study Mathematics is shut today, so no lesson. Here is a quick post to cover what I learned recently. Much as I am enjoying the subject, getting to grips with Algebra and indices, it’s Time, Speed and Distance that will probably be most useful for my application.

Here is the simple formula to work it all out

Time = T  Speed = S Distance = D




There, easy. Now all you need to do is replace the letters with the appropriate numbers, then divide or multiply accordingly… well, nearly. You will also need to convert imperial measures into metric.

This is fairly straightforward, for example:

The flying Scotsman takes 1hr 53 mins to travel 212 miles. How fast is it going?

Remembering that Speed = Distance divided by Time you will need to divide 1hr 53mins by 212, but first you will need to convert the 53 mins into a fraction of 10 so;

T = 1 hr 53 mins (1 + 53/60) 53 divided by 60

= 1.883 hrs

Now you can divide the time by the distance

212/1.883 = 112.6 (to 1 significant figure) The Flying Scotsman was going at 112.6mph.

There. The other formulae work in the same way too, so now, completing the exercises here – will be a stitch.


Written by alexwalsh

December 7, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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