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A year to make myself suitable as a RAF Officer

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I have a year to make myself ultra-employable by the Royal Airforce. Why a year? Well, in order to meet the educational requirements for the role, I have to retake a Maths GCSE, this will take a year.

I meet all of the requirements to apply for the role, except for maths. I managed to take my education up to degree level, but maths got left behind at GCSE, where I thought I could ignore it. I wasn’t a good student the first time around, attendance was roughly 3 days per week and I was frankly, a teenage boy. Not the best creature to trust with important decisions. I might write about some of the things I got up to instead of turning up to school… then again, I might not indict myself.

Happily, the subject turns out to be very interesting this time around and I have a good teacher. I actually enjoy it now, as I once did long ago. You see like many people, I got put off the subject by bad teaching. It must be pretty tricky for teachers to demonstrate how enjoyable numbers can be.

While I’m studying to pass maths, I’ll also be getting myself Regiment fit, engaging in public affairs, being entrepreneurial, hard-working and all of the traits I see as being essential for an Officer.


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October 23, 2010 at 4:28 pm

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