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I don’t want to say ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ about clothes because the connotations can give the impression that it is a superficial fad, reflected in the appearence of a garment but not in its method of manufacture. So I’ll be using the word ‘efficient’ instead. Until I get bored of it that is… The point I’m trying to make today is that I think its important to know where your materials come from and whether they damage the world.

Making clothes and using cloth should be about efficiency. It’s about making sure that you don’t waste what you can use. For example, when you lay out your pattern pieces on fabric, you lay them out to make the best use of the cloth you have.  Like this. *
Efficiency is already a concept that the cloth industry is familiar with. It is familiar with it practically and artistically. A pattern cutter strives to make the least wasteful amount of fabric, and designers know that too too much embellishment is ungraceful (even the over the top stuff is over the top in only a few thematic ways).

Efficiency is also a little bit… sexy. You know, in a wrong way.

All that was just an unneccesarily revealing preamble to a list of fabric makers and designers who use efficient cloth on Etsy.

Here they are.

My caveat is that when it comes to manufacturing, efficiency tends to be an money-led concern. So in that sense, the word is not always the same as enviromentally friendly.

*I’m so tacky for taking a photo of a page of a book. It’s Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear by Winnifred Aldrich. Blackwell Publishing. 2008


Written by alexwalsh

January 6, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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