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Trousers: The definition and reason for basting. Hemming. Applying a zip.

Basting – To apply a temporary fastening between to pieces of cloth or stitching a weak seam along an edge to prevent stretcing.

Hemming – Measure and fold fabric under to desired length. Stitch

Dress: Using notches and clipping edges to allow curves. Pressing forward and neatening seam allowences.

Cape: Leaving an opening in a seam without raw edges. Top-stitching seam allowences. Applying a collar. Using transferable interfacing to make a section more rigid.

To leave an opening in a seam between two pieces, Stay stitch (baste) the two pieces. Mark out the spot you want to open. Apply fusable interface to that section. Properly stitch the two pieces again, but leave the marked area unstitched. Fold the seam allowences in opposite directions back on themselves. Stitch those edges down. Unpick the stay stitchin in the opening.


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December 5, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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