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Weekend practical – Result

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Started getting down to the business of cloth late in the day so it was half way thru Saturday before I had fabric shapes to do anything with. Here they are. I bundled them all up and took them upstairs to be tied together. This took a while, I’m still practicing. In the time it took to get from here to here, I became competant with a machine, but a master of one of these.  That implement is a stitch unpicker. The name is a clue. I got really good with it.

Took an hour break, it coincided with friends getting home with a present for me. It was some sort of chocolate troll, I think it might have something to do with Czech xmas. Posted a picture of it on facebook to sound out the net for clues. No one could confidently say. By about 6 I had this toile to show for a days work.

And so that was the toile and the first of my days off out of the way. Things went quicker when it came to the real deal. The practice run meant I used the machine more confidently and after a short while I had this. Hem goes up,  then I can draw a line under this garment and do the next thing. I’m planning to alter a pattern for some fun and games and asymetry.


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November 24, 2009 at 12:45 am

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