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Just a quick post today to say I’m putting together a vocabulary for clothes. That sounds awfully wanky, but it just means a set of techniques and tricks I can do to make a garment project the image I want it to.

I discovered the first two tricks while I was sparring one sunday.  I was wearing a tshirt with a leering Wario face on, I had also tucked it in. The leering face drew attention, and tucking the shirt in pulled my profile in at the waist, for it to widen again at the shoulders. With a bit of elaborating, I found the first two bits of a clothing vocabulary.

1.Where to place accent on a garment, and to what effect. Here is an example of accent worn very high. It is seen as being strong as it accentuates the upper body. Here is the first example I came accross that demonstrates this. And here is and example of accent near the hips and thighs

2.Designs and pattern on cloth that seem to change the shape.  This is an example of it in action. It says ‘Hey everybody! I want a pinched waist so much, I’m wearing battleship camouflage to trick you into thinking it.’ THe theory is sound, but you can use it for more than just making waists little.


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November 18, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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