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Think it’s clear in my head. Fashion houses show the coming seasons’ theme, highstreet stores ctrl+c’s, ctrl+v’s then edits for day to day wear.

I’m not too keen on the top down approach to… anything. Why would I want to wear an inferior version of what I don’t aspire to?

It’s important to accept that few if any will be ‘let in’ to the elite’s world by wearing the articles that look similar to what has been displayed by the elite.

By extension, mimicking the way that elite claim to behave and recommend to others, is a thing to be avoided. For a boy with ambition anyway.

This totally shifts the focus of aspiration. Do you want to join the group that won’t let you in? Yes. Yes of course you do. No one wants to miss out.

How about forming your own gang though? There are more of ‘us’ than there are of ‘them’. That’s how we get to ‘street fashion’. The things that become trends democratically and thru consensus.

The examples of this really stand out, and are a joy to behold. You will know it when you see it.

BUT (this is a big but) the wrong kind of eyes can mistake naturally occurring trends for trends that have been fed from the top down.

This is not so much democratic as didactic. It is not a group making a collective decision to belong, but an authority telling a group how to appear, what to be, what to do.

It also seems to lead to the belief that a person is told what  identity is instead of making that decision themselves or in conjunction with their community.

I love community. I do not love coercive power structures. I love clothes. Coercive power structures know the power of clothes.



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November 12, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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